We offer CrossFit classes 7 days a week. Our classes are intentionally kept small so you get the best service and coaching. CrossFit classes at the following times:

  • 5:30am Mon-Fri
  • 9:00am Mon-Fri
  • 4:30pm Mon-Fri
  • 5:30pm Mon-Fri
  • 6:30pm Mon/Tue/Thu
  • 8:00am Sat
  • 9:00am Sat/Sun
Our QuickFit classes are strategically planned around the normal 8 to 5 work day. It’s a fast 30min burn to get you fit despite your busy schedule! We offer the following classes:

  • 6:45am Mon-Fri
  • 12:15pm Mon-Fri
We offer Open Gym sessions throughout the week so you can work on your weaknesses, make up a workout, or complete your personalized training program. The Open Gym sessions give you control of your fitness. Here are the days and times we offer Open Gym:

  • 11:00am Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 6:30pm Wed
  • 10:00am Sat
Our CrossFit Kids program is developed for children between the ages of 7 and 12. The goal of the CrossFit Kids program is to develop and improve general physical fitness. We offer the following CrossFit Kids classes:

  • 7:30pm Tue/Thu

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