“The education and support offered through Nutrition Coaching make it possible to achieve your performance and body composition goals. It’s been an awesome experience!”

-Colleen Pastic

“The Health Challenge helped me figure out my calorie and macro intake, which helped me not only lose those last few pounds but keep them off too!”

-Jamie Rodriguez


“To be honest, Solstice has done so much more for me than just improve my strength and endurance. I have met so many amazing people and gained some of the best relationships I have ever had.”

-Alli Paul


“Finally, I stopped thinking about being on a diet and started believing that every day was a new opportunity to make healthy choices and lost 20 pounds while becoming a Division 1 collegiate athlete!”

-Sarah Donahue


“Because of our lifestyle changes, we have noticed increases in strength as well as results outside the gym, like having to buy smaller clothes and not being tired or stressed all the time!”

-Rob & Jeanine Rieck


“I am so thankful that I found Solstice! I feel better than ever and have met some great people!”

-Brandi Rosenholtz


“Great coaches, people, and facility! Definitely recommend this place!”

-Shawn Green


“Not only am I stronger and fitter than I have ever been, I have built friendships that will last a lifetime thanks to the Solstice community.”

-Kevin Higgins


“In less than one year of CrossFit training I cut 2 minutes and 30 seconds off my sprint triathlon time, 2 minutes off my 5k run time, and on one amazing day I won the Queen of the Hill Triathlon!”

-Kate Conneen


“I wasn’t sure I could afford nutrition coaching, turns out I’m actually SAVING money each month by living a healthy lifestyle!”

-Wil Del Valle


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