Before I tried CrossFit, I taught aerobics classes for many years—step, spin, and Zumba. I also completed three marathons, and this was all while my kids were young and I was home.

I eventually got a stress fracture in my ankle that left me with four months of no exercise. Getting back into teaching and running after that was tough.

To make it even harder, that was when I also went back to work fulltime. It became a challenge for me trying to figure out how to stay in shape, but my husband said to me, “You’ve done three marathons! Why not try to conquer something else?”

And that’s where CrossFit came in.

I’d done so many different types of workouts in the past. Since I was used to teaching the aerobics classes, I always had great cardio, but I never did a lot of weight training. I was also always teaching for someone else, I never worked out for me. CrossFit has really taught me that age is just a number. I love that I can hang with the younger crowd during a workout, and I love being active with my family. I think its great to show my kids that working out is important to me. CrossFit’s combination of cardio and strength is what really makes a difference, and although I still love to run, I think what I am known for at Solstice is BURPEES!

The people and the community are also one of my favorite parts about CrossFit. The coaches and community at Solstice rock! I love welcoming new members and helping them out—like kind of being a mentor. Everyone is so friendly and pushes you to do your best. I love the Holiday WODs we do—always crazy amounts of people and a crazy workout—and the community events. I’m also happy I was there to help build our new location—bringing in the weights, painting the walls—to me that was really cool.

I’ve been able to stay really consistent in getting to the gym because of the results CrossFit delivers and how it makes me feel. It’s a great sense of accomplishment to complete a workout, and the adrenaline high keeps me going all day. If I don’t go, I feel sluggish and just not myself. Coach Christie also likes to check up on me and that keeps me accountable.

CrossFit has also had a big impact on my nutrition. I was never a bad eater, but I didn’t eat right. I ate so many processed foods! I also used to drink at least 3 or 4 diet sodas a day, and after my first nutrition challenge in 2016, I gave them up cold turkey and haven’t had a soda since! I’ve also learned a lot about clean eating. Although I am not perfect, I try to eat close to my macros and eliminate the processed foods.

When I first started, I was super afraid of overhead squats. I remember doing the Total II in 2017 and my goal was a 5# PR at 85#.

I did it and it was easy.

Coach Christie was pushing me to do more and in walks Coach Ron! I thought, oh boy. I got 90# and he said, “Triple digits! Lets go!”

He gave me a few pointers—we talked about breathing, and I pushed that bar up. I was amazed!

Gymnastics moves always scared me a little too, but now I can do handstand push-ups, pull-ups, and toes to bar!

I’ve lost about 15 pounds since 2016 and my benchmark WODS have always improved. My first back squat was 150# and I hit 185# last summer. My deadlift also increased in three years by 55#.

If you asked me what my health goals were four years ago, I would’ve said I want to be skinny. Now, I just want to be healthy and strong.