I’m sure we’re all familiar with that infamous glass of water—do you see it as half empty or half full?

What might appear to be an overused, cliché concept, is actually a thought-provoking psychological inquiry to promote more instinctual positivity.

It’s also like striving to look on the bright side—that awesome, chartreuse bright side—because positivity in the gym (and in life) is essential to succeed, and ultimately to grow.

Life is chaotic. No matter what class time you show up for, we know there are a lot things happening throughout your day—good things, bad things, exciting things, busy things, you name it.

And it’s okay.

We’re glad to see you—and we want you to remember that you’ve already won just by showing up. You may not have the power to control what happens throughout your day, but you have the power to control how you react.

We’ve all been there—you know, when we walk into the gym and see [insert movement we suck at and/or hate] and sigh in frustration. Loudly. Dramatically. Praying coach is in a good mood and will let us sub something out or do an entirely different WOD.

(Unless you’re injured, we won’t.)

We’ve also all been there for a Coach Becca style warm-up—when you’re not quite ready to move yet but you feel like you’re doing a mini-metcon.

(Trust us, you’re not.)

We’ve all been in the middle of the strength portion and wanted to cut down on reps or weight, or maybe even skip a set because our percentage work is tough.

(Please, don’t!)

We’ve all been running those 400 meters in the second-to-last set of an intense metcon wishing we could stop and walk because we’re exhausted and hate running.

(We promise your legs and lungs will thank you later!)

Yes, we’ve all had those days. Those moments of energy that aren’t the most positive. But really, the most important thing to remember is—you’re leaving the gym stronger than when you showed up.

We MUST start looking at the whiteboard and seeing that glass, not just half full, but overflowing.

Our time in the gym is an hour to empower each other, to challenge ourselves, and to improve our overall quality of life. We have to build confidence in ourselves and our abilities without letting the clock or our scaling options get in the way. It’s important to try and adapt to the mindset of loving the days when your worst or least favorite movement is programmed.

We’ve let you in on this secret already—but this is the reason the daily WODs aren’t introduced until late afternoon the day before. We’re hoping that your schedule for the week won’t be impacted by the workout. We’re hoping you will come in to WORK on your weaknesses rather than avoid them.

Those are the days your body will benefit the most, and it all begins with your mindset.

Positivity is an everyday practice. It isn’t going to change overnight, maybe not even within a week, but you may just need to begin with that same old glass of water.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer

About the Author

As a CrossFit Trainer & Content Writer at Solstice, Megan brings our experiences to life with her words. She strives to be a voice for the community, offering inspiration and advice for all our readers.