Health in Balance

Solstice began in 2012 offering CrossFit classes in a small garage space. Since then we’ve grown as a community and as coaches. In 2017 the gym relocated to a 3,300SF space and now offers a number of services including:

  • group fitness

  • personal training

  • kids classes

  • teens classes

  • nutrition coaching

  • and corporate wellness

Fitness is more than a hobby for us, it’s a passion and a profession. We live, eat, and breathe fitness and nutrition.

Eat – Move – Live

Today, Solstice, a gym in Logan Township, is founded on the principles of balance, consistency, and quality. Our fitness classes and nutrition coaching are led by experienced coaches who are committed to helping members succeed in their journey towards health.

And we know that your journey is unique to you. That’s why we take time to get to know each individual, to understand them on a personal level, to learn what makes them tick. We believe that relationships are vital to our mission to create healthy, sustainable lifestyles for ourselves, our families, and our friends.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals



Our mission is to create healthy, sustainable lifestyles for ourselves, our families, and our friends through fitness and nutrition.

ChristieCPR/AED, CF-L2, CF-L1, CF Kids, CF Mobility, IIN Health Coach
Christie is a full time Fitness and Nutrition coach as well as a student pursuing a Health & Sports Sciences degree with a concentration in Exercise Science. Christie believes relationships are as important to health as food and exercise. She learned by doing, participating in her first IFBB figure competition in 2009 before evolving into a Fitness and Nutrition coach in 2013. Christie’s experience also includes three years working under the direct supervision of a Registered Dietitian. Today, Christie focuses on being your go-to resource to help you achieve health in balance.

RonCPR/AED, CF-L2, CF-L1, Pn1, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Ron is a full time engineer as well as a Fitness and Nutrition coach. Ron’s passion began 20 years ago after reading his first nutrition book and the onset of sport-specific weight training as an athlete in high school. In 2001 he became a personal trainer before discovering CrossFit in 2007, which evolved into CrossFit Solstice in 2012. Ron is now committed to using his experience and knowledge to develop comprehensive Fitness and Nutrition programs that not only deliver results, but help you reach your individual goals.
MeganCPR/AED, CF-L1, B.F.A. Creative Writing
Megan is a full time writer and communications professional as well as a newly trained Fitness coach. Megan is an advocate for the enrichment of physical health as a technique to modify and maintain psychological balance. She is dedicated to demonstrating the benefits a healthy lifestyle can have on the quality of one’s mentality and mindfulness. For Megan, physical and mental fitness are intertwined, making it possible to achieve confidence, positivity and creativity in her everyday life. So now, after earning her CF-L1 certification in June 2016, she is devoted to sustaining your physical wellbeing through fitness, while also working to cultivate your overall quality of life.
RebeccaCPR/AED, CF-L1, B.S. Public Relations & Marketing
Surrounded by fitness advocates her entire life, Rebecca acquired a love for health and wellness at a very young age. From her father and three older siblings all pursuing a career in the fitness niche, I guess you could say it runs in her blood! She has an athletic background with three years of running track and eleven years of soccer. It was not until Rebecca discovered CrossFit that her love for fitness truly blossomed. She pursued her Level-1 certification in aspiration of improving the way people live, workout, prepare and enjoy all kinds of movements. With over three years coaching experience, Rebecca strives to create an environment that motivates and empowers individuals to challenge themselves in a fun, safe and rewarding way.
Sarah is a full time accountant as well as an enthusiastic fitness advocate. Sarah’s motivation to learn and grow as a coach comes from years of working hard to be a better version of herself, as an athlete and as a young adult. With her CF-L1, she wants to help those who are on the same journey to constantly better themselves by fostering the support system that makes it difficult for you to give up in the pursuit of your goals.
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