I was actually really hesitant to try CrossFit until my friend Liz managed to convince me. I was always trying to lose weight and had tons of questions, but I was against CrossFit at first. It just seemed like I would get hurt or be judged for being overweight. Finally, Liz just said, “Give it a try!”

And so I went to my first class.

CrossFit ended up being a lot different from everything else for the simple fact that I had NEVER lifted weights. I always did like cross country and track for sprinting and running, so I had plenty of gym memberships where I could go and just run on the treadmill. Now though, I feel like I have a sense of what I am doing rather than just running.

Snatches are my favorite. I love getting them overhead and then throwing down the weights like I just did something. It is an epic feeling! Also, the community when you finally PR or have tried something new is awesome. Even on the days I don’t want to go, I just feel like I need to. It’s great seeing some of the guys (and joking around about working out and sandbagging), but after class I always feel like it was worth going.

I came to Solstice as the guy addicted to sugar! I used to drink maybe 2-3 bottles of soda a day. I also used to be on anti-depressants and was always upset about my weight. But since Solstice’s Fall Challenge, I have totally cut soda out of my diet.

My starting weight was 215lbs, and I am now 184lbs!

I’ve also learned to cook, am totally off the medicines, and don’t get tired from doing easy things. After starting with 95lbs, I just cleaned 135lbs the other day and it wasn’t even that hard!

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