Reebok CrossFit Games: Lessons Learned

SPOILER ALERT! Just kidding—no surprises here. Mat Fraser took home his third gold medal in a row, Tia Clair-Toomey joined the ranks of Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir with back-to-back wins, and CrossFit Mayhem Freedom … Read More


I was actually really hesitant to try CrossFit until my friend Liz managed to convince me. I was always trying to lose weight and had tons of questions, but I was against CrossFit at first. … Read More


So we are entering the lottery for the Broad Street Run this year! Hopefully, in just 13 weeks we are going to conquer the 10 mile run down the heart of Philadelphia. The average runner … Read More

Dreadful Dubs!

Let’s talk about those dreaded doubles. It seems to be a pattern in CrossFit where many of our movements are love-hated by the masses. Why? Because CrossFit is usually the first space where many of … Read More

Building An Engine

No, not a race car engine… well sort of, I guess. In the next 8 weeks, as we approach the CrossFit Open, we’ll be primarily training our anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. During the 5 … Read More

Prepare For Liftoff!

Okay, gang—2017 is coming to a close so we’re going out with a bang! We opened our new digs in April with a programming cycle to get us ready for the CrossFit Total (1RM back … Read More

Give The Gift Of Fitness This Holiday

It’s never easy finding the perfect holiday gift for each of your close friends and family members. And discovering budget-friendly, meaningful presents seems nearly impossible these days. But have you considered the gift of health … Read More

Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving always seems to be the holiday that creeps up out of nowhere—unsurprisingly though, since the end of Halloween has become a zero-to-sixty transition into Christmas. BUT, Thanksgiving is upon us and it presents a … Read More

Progressive Overload 101

At Solstice, we’ve come to expect measurable progress in our training. We expect to improve our Fran time with every opportunity. We expect to increase our Total with every attempt. Progress becomes habit. Sure, there … Read More