Building An Engine

No, not a race car engine… well sort of, I guess.

In the next 8 weeks, as we approach the CrossFit Open, we’ll be primarily training our anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. During the 5 week CrossFit Open you will notice a considerable decrease in volume, while maintaining a high intensity and allowing you to crush the Open WODs.

Why? Well for one, to promote adaptation. We’ve spent the last nine months developing strength, power, and speed. Now it’s time to develop our respiratory endurance and stamina.

Second, because the CrossFit Open is coming up! For those of us that have not experienced the CrossFit Open, learn about it here. And those of us that have participated in the past, it’s time to show off your gains!

Besides increasingly longer and conditioning work, we’ll also focus our efforts on the following training methods:

Every Minute On The Minute

That’s right, lots of EMOMs! These are a great training tool to increase work capacity as well as mental toughness.

Some EMOMs will utilize barbell work to develop strength-endurance and really hammer the anaerobic pathway. We will start lighter, gradually increasing load and/or reps each week.

Other EMOMs will utilize a combination of mono-structural work (jump rope, row, bike) and either a strength or gymnastics movement. These sessions are geared towards building aerobic capacity.

Barbell Complexes

We’ve been working so hard to get strong; we don’t want to lose it all!

Barbell complexes will be utilized to preserve our top-end strength while complementing the endurance and stamina work we are focusing on.

We’ll achieve this by using higher rep complexes to extend time under tension, pushing the limits of the phosphagen system and demanding some contribution from the glycolytic system. When performed correctly, a complex should feel worse than a one rep max!

Midline Accessory

Last but not least, we will be doing more midline work to stabilize and strengthen our core.

This will aid in supporting long effort METCONs while also preparing our midline for the heavy strength work after this cycle.

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